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Incorporated in 1974, Step-By-Step Guide Book Company offers dynamic do-it yourself home improvement guides. The author J. Ray McReynolds prides himself on the simple, easy to follow instructions each book offers. The No. 1 Step-By-Step Guide Book on Home Wiring, No. 2 Step-By-Step Guide Book on Home Plumbing, No. 3 Step-By-Step Guide Book on Room Finishing, and the NEW! No. 4 Home Wiring Guide Book can be found in various do-it-yourself stores throughout the United States. For more information on our books, click on the Helpful Hints link. If you would like to purchase our book direct from us please click on the Order link.

Our books are on home and house repair for do-it-yourself repair in an easy to use guide book.. The books include subjects on room finishing, plumbing, wiring, outlets switches, power, framing, drywall, doors, paneling, ceiling, tile, toilets, bathroom, kitchen, sinks, bathtub, shower, and drainage systems.

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